Now you can combine the safety of a storm cellar with the convenience, aesthetics, and comfort of a home. StormBlocker's® breakthrough technology turns a small room into a fortified saferoom that protects against nature's most violent storms.

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StormBlocker® is the specially-engineered, high-strength, composite panel that encapsulates an independent reinforced frame, creating an above ground saferoom. StormBlocker® offers the most flexible storm shelter system available.


Simple Design & Construction

StormBlocker® finishes out like an ordinary room and accommodates plumbing, electricity, and ventilation; it is built on site and does not require special tools. Due to it's simple design there are many sizes and finishes to choose from.

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Are you at risk?

Recent years have proven the danger of severe storms. With wind speeds reaching 250 mph and paths of destruction stretching for miles, few people are properly prepared. Are you at risk? Do you need a saferoom? Find Out

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Beautiful & Multi-functional

A tornado shelter doesn't have to look like Fort Knox to offer the protection you need. StormBlocker® looks and feels like a normal room for everyday living. When you need it most, StormBlocker® functions as a storm shelter, walk-in security vault and a saferoom.


Wind Zones

  • Zone I 130 mph
  • Zone II 160 mph
  • Zone III 200 mph
  • Zone IV 250+ mph
  • Hurricane Zone
135 - 165 mph
135 - 165 mph
165 - 200 mph
165 - 200 mph
200 - 250 mph

Severe wind storms threaten families all over the United States. The problem is that the safest room in your home isn’t safe enough. That's why StormBlocker® has undergone so much testing; to ensure you and your family's safety.

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Rigorous Testing

The StormBlocker® shelter system is tested to withstand the worst storms nature produces. Even if the rest of the home collapses or is ripped from its foundation, the StormBlocker® saferoom will continue protecting those inside.

  • Passes all testing guidelines including; FEMA, NSSA, & ICC.
  • Blocks debris associated with 250 mph winds.
  • Withstands F-5 tornado-force winds.
  • Endures category-5 hurricane winds.
  • Resists extreme internal pressures caused by fluctuating winds.

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